Monday, 19 October 2015

Laura's Library Loans #1

Hi everyone and welcome to a new feature! I decided to start 'Laura's Library Loans', which will show you any books I've borrowed from the library, and give a short, mini-review of each. 

I've just joined the Leeds library and I forgot just how special it was to be part of. I get so overwhelmed each time I go with the amazing books on offer... all for free! Granted, it does get to me when I have to give them back, especially if it's a book I've really enjoyed, but it means I can indulge in all kinds of different books and authors with less of the guilt.

This month I picked up The Year I Met You by Cecilia Ahern and Bad Sisters by Rebecca Chance. My mini-reviews of these books are below.

The Year I Met You, Cecilia Ahern
My rating: 4/5

This story explores the unusual relationship between 2 very different people. The main character and narrator of the story is Jasmine, a workaholic who is forced to take 'gardening leave' for a year, meaning she is essentially paid to stay at home. Now for me, this sounds like the dream scenario, but not for her. She feels like a prisoner and aches to be back at work. While at home, she finds herself becoming more fixated on her neigbour, Matt, an alcoholic radio presenter with a whole host of issues. She's not impressed by his sexist, rude and offensive radio programme for personal reasons, which filters into her home life. Throughout the story you see the two start to speak, converse and slightly connect. I enjoyed watching their relationship unfold and as usual Cecilia Ahern has a real knack for detail, character feelings and emotions, and creating an intriguing storyline. I don't think this was my favourite Cecilia Ahern book, but it is really enjoyable and I'm so glad I've finally read it.

Bad Sisters, Rebecca Chance
My rating: 5/5

After reading Mile High I fell for Rebecca Chance's brilliant writing style. I'm not usually a big fan of 'bonk-busters', but these are written in a non-cringey way. Bad sisters centres around 3 sisters who have grown apart following a traumatic and difficult childhood. All the girls are relatively successful and famous, and it explores their careers, relationships and their family dynamic. I particularly enjoyed watching their relationship develop and unfold. My favourite character was Deeley, the youngest sister who returns from LA and is shocked her other sisters aren't welcoming her with open arms. She is young and naive but has a warm heart, and I liked seeing her story unfold. Although I was a little surprised by the ending (I don't want to give too much away but it didn't quite unfold how I thought it would) I was absolutely immersed by this story and loved reading it.

So there you have it, my latest library reads. Keep an eye out for this feature again soon! Also, let me know in the comments below what books you've been renting lately and if you have any recommendations! :)
L xxx

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