Wednesday, 25 May 2016

I've got some explaining to do...


I'm aware it's been a fair old while since I posted on here and it's got to the point where I thought it was only right to update you on what's going on and why I've been absent. 

Firstly, 2016 started with a bit of a wobble for me. I'm not going to go into it too much, but lets just say that some big work and life changes didn't quite work out as I'd hoped and so my mood was drastically impacted. It still feels weird now to say that I was diagnosed with depression - I've never dealt with anything like it before and it always seemed like something that just wouldn't happen to me... but how wrong I was. I also felt guilty for how I was feeling - overall, life was pretty good for me and I felt that I shouldn't be feeling down - many people have it a lot worse and deal with it, so why couldn't I? As well as the guilt, I lost all enthusiasm for pretty much everything (yes, including reading!), couldn't concentrate, took to comfort eating and found myself bursting into tears a lot, for no apparent reason. 

It was a difficult few months but thanks to support from my amazing other half, family and close friends and attending counselling, my mood seems to have lifted and I'm feeling more positive. But this is where the exciting news I have to share comes in too! 

I realised that part of my problem was feeling a little lost in terms of work life. I'm 25 and had NO idea exactly what I wanted to do. I felt like I should have a plan, a goal or at least some sort of idea for my future... but I didn't. So when I reflected on what makes me unhappy in my current work, I realised it wasn't the job itself or working hard, but the office politics side of working for an existing company. Lots of personalities all crammed into one space, not having the freedom to do what you feel right, it all combined to make me feel the way I did. 

So this is where the idea began! After that revelation I knew I wanted to try something for myself - something that I have complete control over and will feel passionate about. The answer to that for me was easy - I've always loved baking and experimenting with recipes (I've been influenced a lot by my wonderful mum who is an amazing baker, as was my late Grandma). Being surrounded by all these talented women has always been inspiring to me and I knew that I wanted to create my own baking and catering business. 

Over the past few months, I've been busy researching all about the ins and outs of running a business, as well as learning about food businesses specifically. I've attended seminars and workshops, local events and talks, read books, spent A LOT of time online and done as much research as possible. Now, I'm about to start the business. As of next week, For the Love of Cake will be live, delivering tasty, homemade treats to people and businesses across Yorkshire. 

I know many of my readers aren't based in Yorkshire (or even the UK!) so I'm sorry that I won't be able to provide any goodies for you - I'm keeping things local while I find my feet - but I wanted to explain to you why I've been missing. I'm working full time while I start this venture (just to be safe and make sure I can pay my mortgage!) but who knows what will happen - all I know is that I now have a dream and a goal and something to pick me up when I'm feeling low. If any of you want to take a peek at the business, I'm on social media, and my website should be live next week (links below) and if you're based in Yorkshire and on the hunt for baking and catering for an event, party or meeting then please keep me in mind!

I guess I wanted to write this to let you know I back enjoying reading but I just don't have time at the moment to work full time, blog, start my business and live my life - something had to give and unfortunately, for now, that is this blog. I hope you understand and I hope that I'll be back book blogging at some point! 

I'll finish this note with some advice - just remember that your problems are your own, and you shouldn't compare yourself to others. If you are feeling low, it's important to talk to someone. Anyone. And, if you can, try and get to the root of your feelings. That way, you can try and do something about it. 

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