Saturday, 3 October 2015

8 photos of happiness

I've seen this post a few times, on Sky's Book Corner and Jenny in Neverland's blogs to name a few. I thought it looked like a really fun thing to do and decided to give it a go myself! I loved going though my photos and whittling it down to 8 was actually much more difficult than I thought. Hope you enjoy :) 

This tag was originally created by Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet and the intention is simple. Share 8 photos that represent a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy. Then tag others to share their own photos! So lo and behold, here are my 8 photos.

1. Christmas dinner with the family

This photograph was taken on Christmas Day 2014. It was a brilliant Christmas spent with my family and the OH (My dads not in the picture as he's in the corner, probably pouring wine!). I've picked this one not only because it was a great day, but also because sadly, it turned out to be the last Christmas we'd have with my Grandma, as she passed away in August. This photo now means even more to me than it did before, and stands proudly in a frame in my living room. 

2. Graduation Day

This is from my graduation day in July 2012. It was a great day to celebrate achieving a 2:1 in my degree, and it made me so happy seeing my parents proud. 

3. University Days

On the Graduation theme, this is a photo with my uni girls :) I had some absolutely brilliant times living with these lovely girls, and  I'm so pleased that we're all still in touch.  We don't see each other as often as we'd like as we're spread across the country, but when we do see each other we have just as much fun as we did during our uni days (although maybe not quite as wild as back then haha). This was one of the last photos we had all together before we graduated. 

4. My 21st Birthday

Another photo from 2012 - this time my 21st birthday! Although this photo itself might not be the most meaningful, I fell it represents the day itself which was honestly one of the best days ever. My mum and dad spent ages organising a party for me at their house, with all my family and friends coming to celebrate. The day was filled with laughter, love and champagne and it was THE best party I've ever had, one I'll always remember.

5. My Boys

This is a pretty old photo - I think 2009?! Anyway, these boys here were my best friends though high school and college (and thankfully still are today, including my OH who you can see at the front!). This photo means a lot to me as it was our final night together before we all left the village for uni. As usual with growing up, once we went to uni everything changed, so this really takes me back to those care-free, fun times we spent together. We spent our last night together having food and drinking at Will's house before some teary goodbyes (mainly on my part). I still love this photo!

6.  My Boys no.2 - Reunited!

Yep, here's the boys again! This photo was taken last Summer. As I mentioned above, everything changed when we went to uni. One of those reasons was Will (far left) went travelling and fell in love with the wonderful Jess, from Chicago. Yep, America. He now lives there with his wife and beautiful daughter, so we don't get to see him as much as we used to and really miss him. This night in particular was really special, as Will had come back to England but not told us! We went to our friend Toms thinking it was just for a normal night out, and there was Will, just sat chillin'. I cried, of course, and was the most surprised I've ever been! It was absolutely brilliant & something I'll never forget. 

7. My Girls

This is me and my two best friends, Livi and Jess, on a night out. We're not massive 'party people' any more, but on this night we'd decided to get dressed up for cocktails and dancing. This picture sums us up really - silly, relaxed in each others company and not taking ourselves too seriously! Fun fact: that night Livi got a free drink from a bartender for being 'really polite'. Never mind looking good ladies, manners are clearly where its at! 

8. Our House... (in the middle of our street)

The final picture is of my house! For you regular readers, you'll probably be sick to death of hearing about this but I am SO happy. In June the OH & I moved into our first house together. It's quite a change to renting a flat in the city centre, but we absolutely love it. It's been a fun few months furnishing and settling in, and we're now at the stage where we've got the bulk of the work done and can actually enjoy it. One of my favourite times is Friday nights - coming in from work, blasting some music and cooking together, before snuggling on the sofa with a box set and a glass of wine. Perfect!

So there you have it, 8 pictures that pretty much sum up my life and what makes me happy. Looking at these has made me realise how lucky I am, and how much my loved ones mean to me. Soppy but true! If you've done this tag, post the link below - I'd love to be nosy! :) 

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