Sunday, 3 January 2016

2015 book awards: best series or serial

I love a great series... there's something comforting about returning back to a favourite set of characters and locations. It feels familiar and homely, especially when the book is based around characters you've really warmed to. A recent trend is 'serialising' stories, which is where one book is split into parts and released as numerous short stories, before being collated into one full story. You can see from my favourites that I'm a big fan of this idea, especially as it has produced some absolutely brilliant stories, but I will admit that I usually wait until the full novel is released as I struggle to wait so long between each novella! So, here you have my top 3 series of 2015... 

Ivy Lane by Cathy Bramley 

I firmly believe Cathy Bramley is the queen of serials - her Ivy Lane, Appleby Farm and Wickham Hall novellas have been hugely popular and as soon as you start reading you can see why. She has a fantastic way of drawing you into a story - you really warm to the characters, root for them to succeed and become absorbed in what's happening to them. I haven't read Wickham Hall yet (I'm waiting until the full novel is out in January) but I LOVED Ivy Lane and Appleby Farm. I've chosen Ivy Lane to go in this shortlist as it was the first story I'd read by Cathy Bramley and is the one that propelled her onto my list of favourite authors. The story is beautifully written, set on an allotment which is an usual and brilliant location and is just a genuinely lovely, heart-warming read. Read my full review here 

DCI Kim Stone Series - Angela Marsons

If you read my crime book award, you'll see I put Silent Scream as one of my favourite crime stories of the year. However, Angela Marsons is making a reappearence in this shortlist, as the books she's released this year are SO hard to pick between. Silent Scream, Evil Games and Lost Girls have all been released in 2015 and follow DCI Kim Stone as she solves various crimes or murders. All of the stories have been gripping, fast-paced and brilliantly written, which is why it is one of my favourite series of the year. I can't wait for more! Read my full reviews of Silent Scream, Evil Games and Lost Girls 

The Primrose Terrace series (full book: A Christmas Tail) by Cressida McLaughlin 

A christmas Tail was originally released as a 4-part E-book series, but I read the story as a whole over Christmas and I completely adored it. Despite it being focussed around dogs (and I'm not really a dog person - sorry!) it wasn't too much... the dogs provided some hilarious situations and also showed off the passions of the main character (ironically named Cat). The setting of a quiet residential street, Primrose Place, was cosy and wonderful and the story is filled with great characters. I really, really enjoyed this series (although I read it as the full novel - A Christmas Tail) and I am already excited for Cressida's next release. 


  1. Thank you so much, lovely for including my books in your favourites here. That really means a lot. Chuffed to bits :-) :-)

    1. You're so welcome Angie. This series is truly brilliant and I'm so pleased its gone well for you in 2015 - very well deserved. Here's to a great 2016 too xx