Monday, 28 December 2015

2015 bookish round-up

Hello Everyone! 

First of all, I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Mine was spent with family, friends and lots of delicious food... what more could you want! Now I have a few quiet days before New Year's Eve, which I plan to spend reading, baking and just generally chilling out before I start my new job this time next week (eek!) 

With the New Year fast approaching, I wanted to do something that summarised my year in books. Now, I'll admit that I've found the idea of collating my favourite books of this year slightly stressful. There has been some absolutely amazing books and, mainly thanks to blogging, I've been so happy to discover some fantastic new authors and genres! 

Many bloggers have compiled a top 10, 20 or even gone all-out and picked their favourite book of the year... but I'm struggling. My list keeps growing and I find it hard to choose between different genres. Therefore, I've decided to do something a little different. Over the next few days I am going to be running Little Northern Soul's 2015 book awards. 

Basically, there will be lots of different categories (things like 'best romance', 'best plot twist', best thriller' etc) and I will pick my favourite three books that fit into that category. They won't be in any particular order, just the three books from that topic that I enjoyed the most. I know this is quite a long way to do it, but I think it'll be fun and will let me share with you guys lots of fantastic books!

So, keep an eye out over the next few days as I'll be starting to post my selections. I'll be posting a few of the topics each day and will be tweeting about it too. I hope you like the idea and I look forward to sharing with you all! 

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