Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015 book awards: best foodie novels

Novels that revolve around food are one of my favourites. I love when food is the driving force of a story and there are many books that do this so well. Here are the three books that stand out to me for their fantastic food - I was drooling when reading these! 

The Dish by Stella Newman

This book is phenonomal. Seriously. I could have shortlisted it for many of my 2015 awards - humour, best main character, best romance etc as this book has it all. It is witty and brilliantly written and my only problem with it was how quickly it seemed to end! One of the stand-out features of The Dish though is the food. Oh, the food! The main character Laura is a food reviewer so is naturally passionate about food. There were so many mouth watering dishes featured in this story - Stella Newman is very talented writer and at writing delicious sounding food - have you ever thought of writing a cookbook next, Stella? The Dish is one of those books that sticks with you a long time after reading, and I would heartily recommend to anyone! Read my full review of The Dish, here

Chocolate lovers christmas
Chocolate Lover's Christmas by Carole Matthews

So. Much. Chocolate. Seriously, I have a sweet tooth but the ladies of the chocolate lover's club sure can knock back the sweet treats! This is a lovely festive story that is filled with relationships and strong friendships, but the stand-out factor for me had to be the chocolate. There were so many indulgent treats being consumed in this story that my stomach was grumbling throughout. Brownies, hot chocolates, cake... you name it, it's been given a delicious chocolatey twist. Yum! Read my full review here  

Samantha Tonge
Game of Scones by Samantha Tonge

This story was the perfect summer read. Set in Greece, it transported me to warmer climates. The location and romantic storyline are excellent, but the food for me was a winner. Who knew there were so many types of scones?! seriously, I thought it would be all cream and jam, but I was so wrong! The main character, Pippa, frequently bakes gorgeous sounding scones and tops them with ingredients I'd never think to use - think Feta and Pepper, Lemon and Yogurt... the list goes on! This fab story gave me a craving for a scone, jam and clotted cream and I loved seeing all the different ideas and versions of this indulgent treat. Foodie reading at it's best! Read my full review here 

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