Thursday, 9 July 2015

Kindle Summer sale wish-list

So earlier today I received an email from Kindle to tell me that their Summer sale had begun. Now, I'll be honest, I usually scan these emails, half-read them, and then delete. But this one caught my eye - it promised bargain reads and, well, who could ignore that? I had a quick look and was happy to see so many fabulous titles at bargain prices, so thought I'd collate some of my top picks in a post. 

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How I Lost You, Jenny Blackhurst - 79p 
This is a book I keep hearing loads of good things about and can't wait to read. It's actually been sat on my TBR pile for some time now, so I missed out on this bargain, but at such a great price if it isn't on your virtual shelf by now then why not add it? 

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Sarah Morgan - First Time in Forever (Puffin Island Trilogy book 1) - 99p
Again, I've seen loads of bloggers saying how great these books are and with the first in the series at a bargain 99p, now's the time to get the trilogy... I then just need to find time to read it! 

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The Dish, Stella Newman
- 99p

I absolutely loved The Dish (you can read my review here). If you haven't picked this up already then go go go! A fantastic book that's well worth a read, it'd be rude not to while it's in the sale. 

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Please Don't Stop the Music, Jane Lovering - 99p 
Choc Lit produce some fantastic books and this one caught my eye because of the pretty cover (and also because the author is from Yorkshire). I'm always up for trying out books by authors I haven't read before, so this will be swiftly added to my TBR pile. 

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Product Details
Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues, Trisha Ashley - 99p
I really enjoy Trisha's writing style and I remember reading this book when it first came out and loving it. Definitely worth a read if it passed you by on release, and an absolute steal at 99p!

Since You've Been Gone, Anouska Knight - 99p
Okay, confession time: I have never heard of either this book or the author before. But, this cover is SO pretty it's hard to resist! It's now sitting prettily on my TBR pile :) 

So there you go, a collection of the books I think are an absolute bargain in the Kindle Summer Sale. Let me know if you spot any you'll be getting in the comments below! Happy shopping :) 


  1. I love the big sales, and guessed the other day one had started by the amount of price-drop alerts I was spotting on various things I track. I have already bought 9 books from the sale, and spotted loads more that I have either bought in previous sales and still need to read, or like the ones you have posted, ones I have read and thoroughly enjoyed!

    I've picked up these books this time around!

    Julie Cohen - Where Love Lies
    Nicky Pellegrino - One Summer in Venice (complete bargain as its normally only at the hardback price at the moment)
    Lucy Atkins - The Missing One
    Liz Fenwick - A Cornish Affair
    Patricia Scanlan - City Lives
    David Mitchell - David Mitchell Back Story
    Ciara Geraghty - Becoming Scarlett

    1. Oooh some fab titles there Rachel, definitely going to check some of those out! I also love the sales, I do go a bit crazy though as always think 'welllll it'd be rude not to as they're on offer'.. before I know it I've spent more than I would usually but have plenty to read!