Saturday, 23 May 2015

Vlog: book haul

Hey there! 

Thought I'd post another Vlog - this time it's a book haul as I've bought plenty of books lately and wanted to share them with you.

Hope you enjoy and as usual do let me know what you've been buying recently and send on any recomendations! 


  1. Great vlog! Lovely to see what you've bought recently.

    Second-hand books: less like pets and more like an well-loved teddy? :-)

    Totally agree about Jill Mansell - you can't go wrong! And I've got things the other way round with Kirsty Greenwood: I've read Yours Truly but haven't caught up with The Vintage Guide yet...

    To read list just keeps getting longer and longer... I'm on page 1 of Coming Up Roses by Rachael Lucas at the moment!

  2. Thanks so much Claire, pleased you enjoy it. A well loved teddy is a much better way to describe them! I go on a bit of a tangent with these things and don't often speak sense haha.

    Would seriously recommend Vintage guide, it's blooming marvellous! I have Coming up Roses on my kindle but haven't started yet - let me know how you get on :)

    Just checked out your blog and love it!