Sunday, 6 September 2015

I'm back!

Hi everyone, 

For those of you that read my moment of reflection post, you'll know its been a fairly rough few weeks which has seen me focus on family rather than reading and the blog.
On Friday we said an official goodbye to my Grandma in a lovely, personal service. The room was filled with people that loved her, the service led by her good friend Val, who made it a meaningful and heartfelt service, which made a massive difference. My sister stood up and spoke - reading from an emotional piece she'd written about her memories of Grandma and thoughts about grief. I was absolutely amazed at how well she did, not only to stand up and speak in front of everyone, but at the words she'd written. I think she should become an author! My Dad was really pleased with how the day went, which was a massive relief. 

I've spent the weekend with the family afterwards, as it has now started to all feel very real and hit us that Grandma is gone. Part of me feels like it isn't happening, that at some point we'll all jump in the car and head over to spend and afternoon with her, but we won't. The other part of me has realised that won't be happening and I struggle to deal with that. My heart feels heavy. 

Still, these past few days have made me realise what a loving, caring bunch of people I'm surrounded by, and I'm so lucky. A special shout-out too to those bloggers and readers of Little Northern Soul who sent on their well-wishes, it meant such a lot during a really difficult time. 

Although we're still coming to terms with the loss and I'm sure their will be times when I find it hard, I need to get back to normal. Into my old routine. That includes reading and blogging. I'm going to get back into my usual routine of blogging a few times each week and try to get through my ever-growing TBR pile... I haven't read much over the past few weeks so the pile has risen somewhat! In the next few weeks I have some author interviews, blog tours and my Paperback Summer round-up coming your way. 

Thanks for listening... it's good to be back :) 

L xx

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