Monday, 3 August 2015

July Round-up

Hi everyone and welcome to my July round-up! 

On a personal front, July was a pretty manic month. At the very end of June the OH and I picked up the keys to our new house and excitedly moved in. July has been all about furnishing, DIY and settling in which has been brilliant but also pretty exhausting! We still don't have internet in the house (don't get me started...) so I couldn't do a round-up vlog like I wanted to, hopefully I'll be able to do one for August! 

Now, on to reading. This month has been blooming marvellous for books and has been jam-packed with fabulous reads. I'm still taking part in Paperback Summer, although haven't read as many this month as I'd have liked on account of my books being packed up into cardboard boxes for most of it! So here's a summary of my July books: 

Books I've received: 

Netgalley approvals: 

The Little Flowershop by the Sea by Ali McNamara
Summer on the River by Marcia Willett
Pleasure Island by Anna Lou Weatherley
Moving by Jenny Eclair 
Mile High by Rebecca Chance 
Scandalous Lies by Nigel May

Books I've bought: 

Books I've Read: 

Three Amazing Things About You, Jill Mansell (paperback)
Fairytale Beginnings, Holly Martin
The Great Village Show, Alexandra Brown
Heaven Can Wait, Cally Taylor (paperback)
Mile High, Rebecca Chance
Dear Darling, Ellen Faith
Scandalous Lies, Nigel May
Trouble at the Little Village School, Gervase Phinn (paperback)
Disclaimer, Renee Knight

Book of the month: 
A real tough one, but this month it has to go to Mile High by Rebecca Chance. It's not my usual kind of book (more sexy than I'd usually go for!) but I thought it was brilliant - gripping, glamorous and filled with great characters and relationships. I haven't had chance to review it yet, but keep an eye out. 

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