Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday, or, Happy Hump day (?!)
I've seen this phrase being thrown around mainly since I joined Instagram, and I think it makes alot of sense. For those of you thinking 'what is she talking about?' or for those of you thinking I'm being rude (my other half just saw that phrase and raised an eyebrow at me) what it actually means is: 
"The term alludes to the fact that Wednesday is the middle of the work week, meaning that one has made it "over the hump" towards the weekend."
See? all makes sense now doesn't it!

This week has been busy and quite tiring, but I'm enjoying it - especially blogging. I've had a really warm welcome to the book blogging world and it's made it even more enjoyable.

So, despite it being 'hump day', and the weekend not quite being in sight yet, I thought it was time to share some positivity with a post about what's making me happy at the moment.

1. Winter nights
I know most people spend all of winter longing for blue skies and sunshine, but I don't. I actually really enjoy winter. Sure, I prefer the early winter months in the build up to Christmas, where there's that magical excitement waiting for the day to arrive. January and February are the months you spend tucked up inside, waiting for spring and, although they can drag on a bit, is there anything better than curling up in your PJ's with a cuppa and some chocolate and reading, while the wind and the rain lashes against the windows? 

2. Reading 
Obviously I couldn't post about what makes me happy without mentioning reading. It's a key part of this blog and also my day-to-day life and I love it. At the moment, I'm reading an old Cecilia Ahern novel and I'm engrossed. I like re-visiting some of my favourites from time to time, there's a certain comfort in going back to something you now. 

3. Finding the perfect pair of jeans
Don't knock it until it happens to you. I have very short legs (I'm 5"3) and finding jeans that fit right is a nightmare. I bought a pair last week from New Look and they fit perfectly, not too long, not too short and they fit snug around the middle without cutting me in half every time I eat something! 

4. Comfort food
Food, in general, is the way to my heart. Lately, I've indulged in some fantastic food, but my fave at the moment has to be the other half's homemade pizzas. He got a pizza stone for Christmas, and it's amazing! He makes the dough base himself and we customise with our own toppings. Not only does it make a fantastic dinner, but I also love prepping and cooking together, chatting about our days with music blasting in the background. 

5. A good nights sleep
So underrated but so important! I've started going to bed early (about 9.30pm) so I have plenty of time to relax and unwind with a book before going to sleep. Now I'm getting at least 8 hours sleep a night and I feel so much better! 

So that's a little of whats making me happy at the moment! What's making you smile? let me know in the comments below. L x 

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